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The Dotexe Technologies is made to provide a complete solution for Academic Projects, Web developments, Soft Skills Training, Placement Consultant and it plans to grow and spread across India.

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Scalable Distributed Service Integrity Attestation for Software-asa-Service Clouds

Activated Since : Oct 16, 2014
06:50 AM
348 Students has viewed

Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data

Activated Since : Oct 16, 2014
06:49 AM
395 Students has viewed

Panda: Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud

Activated Since : Oct 16, 2014
06:48 AM
558 Students has viewed

Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing in Cloud Storage

Activated Since : Oct 16, 2014
06:46 AM
358 Students has viewed