We will help you find you Final Year BE/MCA Project

Finalsem.com opens gates for final semester engineering students, for pushing theoretical knowledge towards practical implications, for gaining hands on experience. The brand's objective is to accomplish this by becoming a lending hand for those students who are in search of final semester engineering projects.

Suresh Sekar


finalsem.com team

Our Mission

To play a major role at National level, for final semester projects. Our goals shall include guidance and support for final semester students all over India.

Our Vision

To become a guiding force for final semester engineering students, by introducing them to reputed and genuine project guidance places. We would want to become the advocates of such project guidance places who are true to their goals and objectives.

Our Passion

To work towards showing the right path to every final semester student, to become a successful engineer, and get prepared for a challenging journey towards their engineering career.